AKC, ACA Champion Bloodline Basset Hound Puppies North Carolina


How to "Pre Pick" a puppy
After you decide to join the Huggable Basset Family. Your next step will be to pick mom and dad that your basset will com from. This part sound simple, not so. Each of us see bassets in a different way. Some see the face, others the ears and most of all the color and gender.

Most of our new puppies are sold by the time that get here, not always but most of the time. There for it's important that you understand that to get a basset from (HB). You will want to be in line for a puppy. To do this we offer Pre-Pic's. This locks you in line for a basset from a mom of your choice. After you pick your mom and dad. You will then paid the Pre-Pic payment of $100. This insures that you will stay in line for the next puppy in the order you join in. This money is part of the down payment for your puppy and comes off the total price.

Now we love our bassets and their new puppies, but have no control over how many basset they have or how many are boys and girls. For this reason we offer at no extra charge a second pick of the mom and dad you would like if the first does not have enough puppies. This way you will already be in line for the next litter. This keeps you from going to the back of the line. Now some of our new basset parent only want their new puppy from a certain set of parents and that is fine. You will be in line for that parents next litter. Our goal is to get you the puppy you want.

So if you are looking at the Pre-Pic Pages trying to pick a mom and dad for your new basset. Remember that the names that are listed in red are backup parents only and in most cases those names will be removed before that mom has her pups. Moving the lower names to the top. I know this makes it hard to decided to take a 3rd or 4th pick sometimes. But if the names above you are in red. Then most likely that will all be getting puppy's from a different set of parents before your parents have their new puppies.




1st Pick (Girl)
Hold for the Lineberger's
Charlotte, NC

2nd Pick (Girl)
Hold for the Williams's
Calhoun Falls, SC

3rd Pick (Girl)
Jim Smith
Clear Water, FL


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Pre-Pic Order is $100 per Puppy
This will hold you spot in the order of picking a girl or boy when they are born
After puppies are born, you have 7 days to pick your puppy. This is done in the order of deposits.
You pay the remainder of the deposit to buy your puppy.

Once you have a deposit on a puppy.
You will get weekly updates and photos of your little basset.
When puppies are 7-8 weeks old. They should be ready for there new home.
At this time you will pay the balance on your puppy.