AKC, ACA Champion Bloodline Basset Hound Puppies North Carolina


"The Australian Gunslinger"

Bandit is a HB litter basset. Her Bloodline is Musicland

She is a beautiful blanket back red and white basset. She loves to help us build. She is alway the first to greet you. Her Championship Background is full of AKC Champions,
both from his mother and father side.


Huggable Bassets Girl-8

Bandit stands 10.9" tall from the ground to her shoulders.
She has very long ears measuring 10.5" long with short legs and large paws. She weighs
around 53 lbs. Her Champion Blood Line comes from both parents. She was littered from
Shelby GT our Southeastern girl and Dundee our Australian stud.

Her color is Red & White. She has a lot of extra skin. She is AKC, ACA Registered and lives in the comfort of our home. Sleeps on our couch, eats in our kitchen because she is one of our pets.

Bandit has always lived in-doors but loves to run and play outside every day.


"The Australian Gunslinger"

Like all of our basset parents we rised Bandit from a puppy. We beleave that this is one of the most inportant steps in what makes a Huggable Basset. Our parent are from Champion Bloodlines and are cared for just as their parents were. Here are a few photos of Bandit from puppy to adult.

AKC, ACA Champion Bloodline Basset Hound